Trailcreek Capital Group, LLC ("Trailcreek") is a private investment firm formed in 2014 to make long-term investments in growing companies with attractive fundamentals. Trailcreek emphasizes a conservative value investment philosophy. With over 18 years of investing, operating and advisory experience, the principal of Trailcreek seeks to leverage extensive industry knowledge to pursue investments principally within the business, industrial and consumer services sectors. Trailcreek is an engaged, long-term partner of companies and management teams.

Trailcreek seeks investment opportunities with the following key characteristics:

• Strong, long-term fundamentals

- Recurring-revenue business model

- Long-term growth dynamics

- Strong free cash flow generation

- Attractive returns on invested capital

• Significant and sustainable barriers to entry

• Value creation primarily from operations, not financial engineering

• Management with an ownership mentality